Sex Doll World Cup

The Sex Doll World Cup is an international tournament contested by sex dolls from the world’s top sex doll manufacturers.

This fantasy pageant hosts 12 hopefuls, who qualify directly after appearing on Manrelax’s Sex Doll Calendar.

All contestant sex dolls are assumed to be over 18 years old. Although age requirements remain a controversial topic, considering these are unanimated, silicon mannequins that resemble human beings.


The draw ceremony was held at Manrelax’s main office under supervision from the American Sex Doll Association (ASDA) and its board of directors.

The 12 finalists were divided into 3 groups of 4 sex dolls each. The winners of Groups A, B, and C will advance to The Final, to be held in October 2020.

Possible Expansion

The tournament’s official sponsor, ASDA, concluded after a “feasibility study” that it is possible to expand the tournament to 24 sex dolls in future editions.

The suggested expansion will allow 12 extra berths to be allocated, based on the current international sex doll industry rankings. The review includes the proposal of a new format with Group Stage, Knockout Phase, Quarter-Finals, and Semi-Finals.

New categories being evaluated are Robot Sex Dolls, Personality and Intellect, Conversational Aptitudes, and Substance of Answers. There is consensus among organizers that android sex dolls should say something more interesting than the habitual “world peace” or “for our children.”

A popularly demanded function, “Basic House Cleaning”, will be a strongly promoted category to integrate into upcoming Sex Doll World Cup editions. 


The Sex Doll World Cup is not free from criticisms. Certain groups have expressed concern over its potential repercussions.

Unsurprisingly, rumors are circulating about repudiation from the Vatican, the MeeTwo movement, and the American Family Corp.

In addition, the Food and Drug Administrators and the Jewelers of America are also raising eyebrows. These for-profit organizations voiced concerns that sex doll proliferation could be detrimental to business and commerce on a global scale.

“The American Sex Doll Association will do everything possible to prevent hatred and bigotry to tarnish the image of this prestigious tournament, ” ASDA’s Advisory Board proclaimed. “We are confident the Sex Doll World Cup will eventually be recognized by these conservative groups, once they reevaluate their prejudices.”

“We don’t understand the outrage,” argued Manrelax’s Vice President. “Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”

Judging Criteria

Online voters from 195 countries will be able to cast their ballots and decide which sex doll will claim the Sex Doll World Cup title.

Votes must be based on multiple factors: Face, Breasts, Waist, Legs, and overall Grace and Style. 

Be the Judge

All match results will be determined by online voting, open worldwide for gentlemen over 18 years of age. Each sex doll’s fate will be determined directly and exclusively by the general public’s ballot.

The Sex Doll World Cup proud winner will be crowned by a simple majority of total votes.




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