American Sex Doll Association

The American Sex Doll Association (ASDA) is an apocryphal, non-profit organization, with the stated mission of promoting the advancement of sex doll usage amongst males worldwide.


Based on the core belief that sex dolls contribute with social stability, ASDA suggests sex dolls are a dominant force in helping with the big challenges the world faces. The organization is guided by two clearly defined objectives:

1) To denounce “sexual frustration and unfulfilled desire” as a major cause of unnecessary hardship.

2) To redeem sex dolls’ reputation, fostering a world in which humans and sex dolls cohabitate harmoniously.

“Sex dolls are becoming the next frontier of sexual fulfillment.”

Nisaka Nipone

Events and Awards

In addition to sponsoring the acclaimed Sex Doll TV, the American Sex Doll Association honors the love doll industry by promoting a wide range of networking events, such as the prestigious Sex Doll World Cup.

ASDA is actively involved in the publishing of the annual Sex Doll Calendar, which features 12 of the most amazing sex dolls in the market, and is holding talks with Manrelax to co-host the launch of the tabloid Sex Doll Weekly.

Also in the works is the International Sex Doll Awards, a highly anticipated mega-event to recognize excellence in ethics, production standards, and innovation in sex doll manufacturing.

Organizational Structure

ASDA comprises an Executive Office, a Board of Directors, and an international bureau of advisors. It is independent of any outside political parties, drug companies, or religions.

Strategic Goals

The American Sex Doll Association issues policy statements on various matters of social concern, including sex doll rights, trafficking, and gender equality, along with the economic, demographic, and therapeutic impact of sex dolls.

Adverse public opinion and perceived negative moral influence is an uphill battle for sex dolls. Baseless myths and controversial beliefs are perpetuated by negative press. Therefore, ASDA protocols continuously strive to dispel fallacies and educate consumers about sex dolls’ beneficial impact on men’s physical and emotional well-being.

The Vatican, for instance, openly repudiates sex dolls. When interviewed by Manrelax correspondents, an undisclosed Rome representative scoffed that sex dolls promote sin and sex out of wedlock. But the institution has abstained from releasing an official statement due to lack of backing (no Bible passage forbids fornicating with sex dolls). 

MeeTwo supporters around the world voice outrage at the mere mention of sex dolls, and argue that these mannequins represent an existential threat to real women.

Sex doll taboos and stigmas

In 2020, ASDA and Manrelax issued a joint declaration:

“We emphatically condemn all forms of bullying, discrimination, and ad hominem against sex doll lovers. Tolerance is the alternative, instead of judging people who exercise their god-given right to fornicate with sex dolls. The stigma surrounding sex dolls could potentially prevent thousands of single men from finding the real solace and relaxation they need. Whether men utilize a real woman, or a safe and harmless sex doll should be a personal and intimate concern.”

Fundamentalist ASDA executives, who do not align with their moderate peers, emphatically lambaste the prevailing intolerance towards sex dolls: “We sex doll lovers are reasonable, good-natured, well-mannered folks, but if people don’t appreciate our views they can go f*ck themselves.”

Asked about the taboo that sex dolls still represent after 2000 years, Manrelax’s Chief Editor quipped: “Some groups feel threatened by sex dolls, while others downplay their relevance. Either way, if you take yourself too seriously you might become a joke”.

Investing in a Sex Doll ETF

American Sex Doll Association officials are highly confident about the flourishing sex doll industry’s future. ASDA predicts steady growth in sex doll demand in the coming years. Most financial charts and projections confirm a ‘hockey stick’ bullish trend, as shown below.

A spokesman for ASDA disclosed that negotiations are underway for a Sex Doll ETF to be approved by the New York Stock Exchange, under ticker symbol SDLL. This financial vehicle would allow retail customers to invest in the ongoing sex doll boom through stock brokerage accounts.

Sex Doll TV

The American Sex Doll Association is the official sponsor of Sex Doll TV, the premier 24-hour sex doll network.

Sex Doll TV is a free, online channel airing to more than 195 countries where sex dolls are not banned. The broadcasting targets sex doll lovers of all legal ages, focusing primarily on a male demographic.

Programming format

Regular programming features:

  • R-rated photos of the world’s top sex dolls, with links to their sex doll suppliers.
  • Miscellaneous publicity endorsing love dolls.
  • Relationship quotes from philosophers and celebrities.
  • Holy bible passages, spreading the word of the Old and New Testament.


Sex Doll TV consistently refrains from references to pornography, violence, weapons, racism, sex doll phobia, and harmful drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, and dubious medications commonly promoted by the Federal Drug Administrators.


Since its launch in 2019, and despite its immediate success, the network’s programming and influence have been the subject of controversy.

The American Family Corp. has accused Sex Doll TV as pro-sex, anti-family, pro-choice, and focuses its criticism on the nudity displayed by sex dolls models during day-time hours, and Sex Doll TV’s lack of family-oriented programs.

Sex Doll Clinical Research

The American Sex Doll Association actively supports the scientific exploration of sex dolls’ potential as therapeutic devices.

The Journal of Sex Doll Medical Research, funded by ASDA, issued a controversial announcement at the 2019 International Sex Doll Conference: “Sex dolls offer a natural, holistic approach, and are a demonstrably effective tool for healing various emotional disorders. They cause none of the toxic side effects typical of pharmaceuticals, which disrupt our body’s harmonious chemical balance.”

This declaration sparked a strong reaction from the Federal Drug Administrators, who attribute sex dolls’ medicinal benefits merely to a placebo effect. Although when challenged, officials could not provide data to support this rationale.

Despite mainstream skepticism, sex dolls’ health benefits are scientifically backed. The body of clinical evidence continues to accumulate.

Physical and emotional impact

Numerous research studies have underlined an overall feeling of gratification among sex doll users, particularly in recently divorced or separated men, who are considered a potentially sensitive subgroup.

A panel of leading Japanese experts recently concluded that sex dolls are not only a contributor to emotional health, but are indeed essential for men’s well-being. Engineers Nisaka Nipone, Minabo Taduro, Yaminabo Nokamina, and Tukulito Sakayama proudly declared at the annual International Sex Doll Conference: “Sex dolls are becoming the next frontier of sexual fulfillment.

Sex doll usage produces a positive effect on heart rate, blood pressure, the nervous system, and brain neurotransmitters, including increased rates of dopamine release (a crucial chemical released by neurons).

Findings are emerging from clinical trials, expanding our knowledge regarding the correlation between fornication of sex doll and diminished levels of cortisol (the hormone that is released during the occurrence of stress).

Dopamine/Cortisol balance

In a recent groundbreaking study exploring the association between sex doll usage and diminished levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, some early patterns emerged, confirming evidence of significant cortisol reduction.

In contrast, relationships with real women reveal an inverse correlation: over time, the declining levels of dopamine (the “pleasure” hormone), compounded with the rapidly increasing levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) cause a striking Dopamine/Cortisol ratio imbalance.

In fact, a 2019 short-term sampling, performed by Japanese sex doll therapists, exposed conclusive data supporting evidence that sex dolls provide men with more stable relationships than real women.

To prepare for this randomized clinical trial, a cohort of adult single male subjects abstained from sex for 5 days. 

Among the recruited men, one third were supplied with a sex doll of their choice. Another ⅓ interacted with a real woman (super-model types were chosen, to mimic the beauty of their sex doll counterparts). The remaining 33% of participants were a control group who simply masturbated, manually or by means of a flashlight.

The protocol included arrival at the laboratory by 9:00 AM and the conclusion of the fornication/manual sessions by 10:30 AM. All participants signed a consent form approved by the American Sex Doll Association, and no one was paid, due to the overwhelming number of volunteers who enlisted.

The testing involved various cardiovascular and neurological measurements, plus the collection of sperm for analysis of cortisol concentrations and semen quality.

The Dopamine/Cortisol ratio mismatch between Man-Woman and Man-Sex Doll relationships reaffirmed ASDA’s hypothesis. 

“Although preliminary results are auspicious, we must proceed with caution,” confided ASDA’s chairman. “Data obtained in this trial will need confirmation from larger projects, but if these findings are corroborated it will mean a turning point for the sex doll cause.”

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