10 Awesome Benefits of Owning a Sex Doll

Sex dolls are a luxury product. True works of art, that make them the ultimate “boy toy”. Such fantastic craftsmanship, you cannot avoid admiring their beauty. It’s almost scary how real they look nowadays. But it’s not just the looks.

Owning a beautiful virtual partner is an enchanting and fun experience. Sex dolls are transforming men’s lives in more ways than one. After acquiring one of these beauties your nights will never be the same.

Here are 10 ways that a sex doll can make you a happier man:

1) Amazing sex

The pleasure you get from these realistic sex dolls is very similar –and in many cases greater– than a human. Sex dolls are merely enhanced masturbation tools, but way much better than your hand.

Having sex with a mannequin is as normal as using a vibrator or flashlight (masturbation sleeves). They are just larger, more expensive toys, with human-like features.

Sexual satisfaction is possible because men, by nature, are able to enjoy sex without the emotional attachment that women usually require.

2) Available 24/7

Your love doll will always be ready for you to enjoy great sex whenever you feel the need. Before going to sleep. When you wake up in the middle of the night at 3 am. Morning wood? No problem.

A heated sex doll by your side, with some lube handy, and you’ll experience 90% the real thing, with zero negotiations.

3) Snug fit

Genitals are removable, which means… tight, perfect pressure on your shaft. For most men, this is probably the No. 1 advantage.

The feel is so tight, the sex doll pulls your cum right out, for an awesomely intense orgasm. Not to mention the irresistible power of a vibrating vagina.

4) Tailor-made

A real woman will always have some detail that doesn’t please you, whether it’s a physical feature or something about her personality. Sex dolls, on the other hand, are fully customizable. You choose all the ingredients to make your sex doll look exactly as you want: height, weight, breast size, eye-skin-hair colors, hairstyles, facial features, ethnicity, all the way to the minute details.

The combinations are endless. No two dolls look exactly the same. Whether you prefer big or petite, tall or short women, your sex doll can be a perfect 10, a drop-dead gorgeous face with a perennial small waist and tight ass.

The fine-tuning is completed with some essential accessories to maximize your experience:

  • Wigs. 2 or 3 extra wigs provide enough variety for a lifetime.
  • Heads. The head is removable. So buying an extra head is highly recommended, to minimize the unavoidable monotony of monogamous relationships.
  • Clothes and lingerie are seemingly small details. but they greatly contribute to spice up your adventure.

5) Fulfilled fantasies

Whether you like kinky sex, crazy positions or god knows what dirty thoughts you have in mind… if you are open-minded and you like the unconventional, then a sex doll is your perfect partner.

Do you fantasize about living with two women while maintaining your sanity? Knock yourself out adding a penis attachment to your sex doll, if you enjoy the ladyboy experience.

Some merchants offer to personalize a clone or “lookalike sex doll”. When provided with photos they can bring her/him to reality!

6) Orgasm control

Learning how to last longer allows for the most enjoyable sex. 

Sex dolls are excellent to practice on your lovemaking technique, so you can boost your confidence when having sex with a real woman.

As a matter of fact, sex dolls are being used for sex coaching, with excellent results.

Just by exercising your Kegel muscles with the aid of a vibrating vagina will do wonders. Practice makes perfect. Remember, Darwin said that unused body parts undergo atrophy. Please never allow that to happen.

7) Companionship

Loneliness is among the top reasons for sex dolls’ steady sales growth. Comfort, not sex, is what many users are seeking. As people stay more at home and socialize online they don’t need as much personal contact as in the past. So more single men are ready for this new kind of relationship.

Sex dolls are a joyful toy to have at home. For many men, they are a source of contentment.

This does not mean sex dolls are necessarily replacements for human relationships. Owning a sex doll does not mean you must stop dating. It’s up to you. The great thing about sex dolls…they don’t demand exclusivity.

8) Stress-free

No wonder the American Sex Doll Association (ASDA) concluded that sex dolls are less harmful to male sanity than real women.

  • No STDs
  • No pregnancies.
  • No need for condoms.
  • No illegal prostitution.
  • No performance pressure.
  • No more the excruciating torture of nagging.
  • No drama and emotional rollercoasters.
  • No girlfriend expenses.
  • No hassles.
  • No need to find a g-spot.

9) Better health

Sexual activity is known to help with blood pressure, insomnia, headaches.

Simply put, sex dolls are better than Prozac: improved stamina, mental health, mood, overall stronger immune system, and better sleep, with no side-effects.

Stigmatization and debunked myths, like “pot is the pathway to heavier drugs” only cause confusion and misinformation. Just make sure you clean the orifices regularly and you’re good to go.

10) Money saver $$$

Investing in a sex doll is a sane financial decision.

It sounds counterintuitive, but buying a high-end sex doll is cheaper than most alternatives. Not to mention compared to the most expensive one: divorce. 

The average $1500 to $2500 initial expense pays for itself in less than a year.

Dating expenses add up quickly: drinks, dinners, movies, gifts, etc. By avoiding being used for your money, while sparing the distress, you become a wealthier man in no time.

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